About Chromis Events


Michelle Rathbun, Founder and Principal, has produced sophisticated, goal-focused corporate events for over a decade. After producing large, successful fundraising galas and donor engagement events as a leader of in-house event teams, she launched Chromis Event Strategies to provide corporate and non-profit clients a strategic approach to beautiful events that achieve business goals. Balancing artistic creativity with laser-focus on business objectives, Michelle is a valued partner.

After completing her graduate studies at the London School of Economics, Michelle began her career in international relations with a global energy company working directly with top executives as a liaison with foreign government officials, organizing events that included foreign heads of state and cabinet ministers.  Born in North Africa and raised in francophone West Africa and Europe, Michelle speaks Spanish and French fluently. Michelle is a Certified Special Events Professional.

Reach out to Michelle at info@chromisevents.com or at 202-827-6802 to discuss how she can achieve your event goals.

Working with Michelle is a dream come true! She is incredibly thorough and organized with an amazing eye for detail. She thinks of absolutely everything that could possibly go wrong with an event, so that nothing ever does. Moreover, she really is a full-service event strategist: she has incredible people skills and helps to build strong relationships with donors, vendors, and company staff; she is a good writer who contributes to event-related materials and speeches; and she remains calm and in control when faced with any real-time challenges that arise.



“Chromis” is a reference to the Blue-Green Reef Chromis, a species of damselfish known for its gorgeous iridescent blue-green color, but also for its characteristics – active, robust, and highly social – all qualities that I find essential to my work in special events. To plan and execute special events you need to enjoy people and have the stamina to endure the long hours, but also the good nature and calmness necessary to handle what comes your way – what I call “the expected unexpectedness.”

But there is more to it. I find the Reef Chromis itself a beautiful fish in its simplicity. Its clean lines, delicate fins, and incredible color variation along with its sparkling iridescence is elegant yet fun. This speaks to my event philosophy. I endeavor to create events that are beautiful, uncluttered affairs that resonate with energy and sophistication, and that focus on my client’s objectives.

So, there you have it: A happy hardy fish that reminds me that there is power in subtlety, that high spirits can be paired with elegance, and that a little fish can make a splash!