Chromis Events was thrilled to receive the International Special Events Society’s Esprit Award for Best Non Profit Organization Event over $150,000* at the annual ISES conference and gala dinner in New Orleans this weekend.   The competition—amazing events from around the globe by the most talented event designers in the industry—is tough and the honor is huge. The recognition was given for our work on the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Fund’s 5th Annual “Build the Center” Benefit.

But, what makes an award-winning event? Definitely the concept: presenting an idea in a new or creative light.  The production: from the smallest detail to the largest; from the moment someone sees the save the date to the last good night at the end of the evening, each decision on each component is focused on the goals, builds on the theme, creates an experience, and reinforces the messages.

That is only the part of the story, however. Trust and collaboration are fundamental. A great event requires that your client trust you with the concept and your ability to execute it. We had the privilege of working with VVMF over several years, developing their annual event each year, and wining their confidence that culminated in this very special experience.

A great event is born from the sharing of ideas—with your client, your colleagues, and your vendors. An idea bud can come from anywhere and anyone, and it can bloom into something amazing when the thoughts, nuances, and refinements from others interact.

Not enough can be said about a great team.  Our team at large included committed staff from VVMF,  Syzygy Event Productions, CPR MultiMedia Solutions, Windows Catering, Tierra Floral Design, Lyons Public Relations, photographers Joyce Boghosian and Haik Naltchayan, The National Building Museum, Rockie Lynn, UniPark Valet, Mount Vernon Printing and important collaborators such as the National Park Service, the Seminole Tribe of Florida, HISTORY ® / A+E Networks, Ralph Appelbaum Associates and Georgetown ROTC Color Guard, as well as numerous speakers and presenters who gave their time and talent to this project. Without these people coming together around a shared vision, without their collaboration and trust, we could not have won this award.

Thank you to VVMF and to each and everyone one of my vendor partners for this success.

Michelle Rathbun

*represents retail costs, not actual costs

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