By now, most of us have devoured the pages of Washingtonian Magazine’s 100 Best Restaurants review with excitement, agreement, amazement, and even surprise (What?! a Cajun-Korean menu is in, but French-Japanese fusion is out!).  No doubt trying to order the top 100 in today’s wonderfully robust restaurant scene is no easy task, and while not everybody can agree with any particular ranking, I do feel that how you would rank Washington’s restaurants depends on what you are looking for in a restaurant. Below are just a few ways I select from our fine eateries:

Its simply about the food:
Crane & Turtle
Little Serow

Its a unique experience:
Rogue 24 (alas, I will miss you)
Thai X-ing
Izakaya Seki

Its a reliable business dinner:
Blue Duck Tavern

Its a group meal:
Woodberry Kitchen
Brasserie Beck

Its a bite with your buddy:
G by Mike Isabella
Daikaya Ramen
DCity Smokehouse

Its family from out of town:
The Red Hen
Iron Gate
Doi Moi

The categories are endless – we haven’t even gotten to “its about the cocktails” – and the selection is large, but the good news is that what ever food you want, the overall experience you’re interested in, or your particular needs at the moment, DC has a restaurant for you!

Bon Appetit,
Michelle Rathbun, President

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