January 1 coincided with nothing less than a new moon – a celestial special, a harbinger for new endeavors, a symbol for rebirth, and generally good things to come. If you missed it, don’t worry: you can’t see a new moon. But, armed with the knowledge that it was there, let’s turn to some new (or renewed) event ideas for our 2014:

Free to roam. I have been preaching this for a while, but others agree: For many events it can be a good idea to move away from the seated dinner and focus on more interactive events that foster networking and encourage connections.

Fun and yummy. Comfort foods never seem to go out of fashion, but focus on playful foods in 2014. Sophisticated popcorn, cotton candy, and gourmet hotdogs are winners. Among my favorite sweet treats are Design Cuisine’s Marshmallow Baked Alaska Pops.

Be Techie. Your kids may claim Facebook is dead, but it remains an important tool among certain segments to promote events and showcase organization. Twitter and Instagram are still leaders in social media, capable of building a community around your cause, sharing critical information and creating excitement about your event.

Bold colors are going strong.  From 2013‘s Emerald to the new year’s fantastic Radiant Orchid.  Prepare to see a lot of Pantone 18-3224, along with sequins and glitter.

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