Despite rumors that the economy is picking up, the government shutdown has more than just federal employees nervous about spending the extra dollar.  Event budgets continue to face downward pressure, but before you cut food, florals and decor, remember that non-profits are still asking donors to spend their hard-earned cash on a special event ticket and they are expecting something in return.

Some areas where you can consider cutting back that don’t affect the participant experience include:

Printing: With the move to paperless, collateral such agendas, programs, and brochures can be emailed, downloaded from websites or shared on apps and USB drives.  Donor names and sponsor ads are better listed on websites and slideshows, keeping printed signage to a minimum.

Mailing: Reevaluate the invitation and mailing list with an eye to incorporating electronic options that are becoming more acceptable today.

Paper swag: Resist the temptation to stuff gift bags with paper—you’ll find they are not worth the effort or resources that go into preparing them. In fact, drop the gift bag altogether unless you have something truly worthwhile to give.

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