The Hay Adams, over looking the White House, could not be a more perfect setting to being Memorial Day observances and recognize not only the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War, but also the 30th Anniversary of the dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (The Wall).

The Sunday Brunch also served to kick off the fundraising campaign for the Build the Center Gala which supports construction of the Education Center at The Wall, a state of the art facility that will  educate visitors about the Vietnam War and honor all those who served.  The Center is also planning to include a temporary exhibit dedicated to those who served and died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The menu featured an excellent assortment of breakfast and lunch favorites like fruit and pastries, smoked salmon and crab cakes, coffee and mimosas.  The Red, White and Blue desserts, along with the blue linens and white hydrangeas centerpieces provided just enough patriotic ambiance without spilling over into kitsch and, of course, Charles Ives playing very lightly in the background.

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