Trade shows, conferences and fundraising galas have a critical aspect in common—they rely heavily on corporate sponsorships.  Some positive industry news is that sponsorships are on the uptick; however, companies are carefully evaluating opportunities for clear, direct and measurable impact on their businesses.  For this reason, planners and event hosts should consider including an array of sponsorship options around their events and, equally important, understand how to articulate and sell those opportunities to prospective sponsors.

While trade shows and conferences have long been comfortable parceling out branding and engagement opportunities, non-profit organizations have been hesitant to embrace this practice.  Now is a good time to consider options that provide:

  • Access to a potential new clients or a customer base
  • Opportunity for networking that translates into sales
  • Media exposure that can be measured

A few sponsorship ideas include:

  • Webcasts and video
  • Event apps and Twitter screens
  • Power cord stations and photo booths
  • Roundtable or panel discussions
  • Awards, displays, and exhibits
  • The VIP lounge or cocktail reception
  • The exclusive right for product placement

Wishing everyone a wonderful spring season!

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